JUST IN: Confusion Erupts In NPP; Disgruntled NPP Executives Fight Constituency Chairman -DETAILS

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Confusion Erupts In NPP; Disgruntled NPP Executives Fight Constituency Chairman -DETAILS.

Scores of disgruntled New Patriotic (NPP) polling station executives and electoral area coordinators in the Assin Central Constituency are reeling in anger.

They have accused the Constituency Chairman, Mr. Attakora Amaniampong of forcibly billing them for the construction of a so-called constituency office.


Mr. Amaniampong has pledged to take GH¢200.00 and GH¢500.00 from each polling station executive and electoral area coordinators respectively, some aggrieved executives claimed in an exclusive interview.

“We are about 520 executives in the Constituency including electoral area coordinators, and I can tell you everyone is upset with the decision but we are scared to voice it out because the executives might victimize us.

Strangely, Mr. Amaniampong said at the meeting where the incomprehensible decision was taken that anyone who is not well with that decision to lodge a complaint to the party for redress but could a political suicide for any dissatisfied person.

The aggrieved executives said: “We are not paid for the position we occupy; hence it is difficult for us to raise the amount considering the troubling times.”

The system is hard for some of us. We have raised concerns for the amount to be reduced to at least ¢200.00 for coordinators and ¢100.00 for polling station executives, but the constituency chairman has blatantly refused to listen to our plea.

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According to them, the Chairman’s intentions are noble as it would reform the structures at the grassroots, but not this time.

To them, they know and understand the party structure has to be well grounded to stretch our electoral fortunes and the obligation on us to contribute and support the party financially but not in these hard times.

“How, and where do you want us to get this money before 25th December, knowing very well that we are heading to Christmas, and we have to get something for our families?

Source: Filasconews.com/Kwaku Ahiaku


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