JUST IN: Christian Movement, Advocates For Christ Ghana Fires Gov’t For Making Covid 19 Vaccination Compulsory

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Ghana kicks off COVID-19 vaccination campaign

A Christian Group movement, Advocates for Christ Ghana (A4CG) are in total opposition to the Government of Ghana decision to impose the vaccination of the covid 19 jabs on the citizens in the country hence they are ready to kick against the plan.

According to the Christian Group, the covid 19 vaccination of the citizens is a good initiative hence the individuals should be encouraged and allow to take the vaccine voluntarily but not by making it compulsory for the people.

However, Edem Senanu  who is noted to be the Chairmen for the Christian Group movement, Advocates for Christ Ghana (A4CG) speaking in an interview on Eyewitness News reiterated that, there is no need for the government to make the Covid 19 vaccination exercise compulsory for the people because it may lead to some health challenges and implication for some individuals.


“It is well and good to do vaccination, and it is better to educate your population so that people they voluntarily say they want to take the vaccine, but in the context of where we find ourselves, don’t force people to take the vaccine,” he indicated.

Furthermore, Edem Senanu said that, the group does not believe that the risk and threats of the Covid 19 does not guarantee the compulsory vaccination of the people because their argument’s are merely based on science and not by religious acts or believes.

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He further quizzed that, “Where exactly is the public health threat? What is the logic of arriving at this point that we are making it compulsory?”.

SOURCE: Citinewsroom online


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