IGP Sent Police To Fence The Abandoned Saglemi Affordable Housing Project How-David KEKESI Of Save The Nation Discloses.

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The IGP have shown a sign of failure in his profession as the head of Ghana Police Service.

Can he come out to explain to Ghanaians the reason he asked his men to go, and prevent the MEDIA from taking photograph and video of the abandoned housing project at Saglemi which the Ghanaians demand accountability for that!
Mr IGP, are you part of those who misused the funds budgeted for the project that’s why you are preventing the media for exposing you. Mr IGP are you interested in the way our leaders are misusing the state funds??
Ghanaians demand an answer to that!


The current Minister of works and housing, honourable Assenso boakye can you too explain to the tax payers whose monies are going to use to pay back for the loan taken for ( Saglemi abandoned housing project ) . Honourable minister are you the one who asked the IGP to command his men to go and prevent the media for doing their journalistic work?

The permission you want them to come for, since when did Journalists provide permit before doing their work ?

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Have you asked our former president John Dramani Mahama, what he and his administration used $ 200 million for that same project ?
Have you also asked the former minister of works and housing on his tenure they went for money to build 5 000 unit block but we can count 1500 unit block so they should come and account for it, and show the tax payers the 3 500 unit block left, and the remaining monies, where it is?
Do you have an agenda in the Affordable housing project Mr IGP?

Mr IGP this move of sending your men to the Saglemi abandoned housing project,is it an order from above?

Mr President no legal action has been taken against those who involved in the Saglemi abandoned housing project,why???

Can you ask the information minister to address the nation on reasons you don’t want to expose former President Mahama and his NDC administration,in regards to Saglemi abandoned housing project,Mr President.

Is this the way you wants to fight corruption you promised Ghanaians that made them voted massively for you in 2016 general elections.

For more information kindly contact Mr David Kekesi aka Critical Thinker


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