If You Are a Man, I Dare You Share The Content Of Your Suspension; There Is More To Captain Smart’s Suspension -Angel FM General Manager Boldly Fires Captain Smart and Drops More Secrets

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The General Manager of Angel Broadcasting Network (ABN) Kwodwo Dickson has dragged his colleague, Captain Smart, down in the mud for making false allegations about his sudden suspension.

Captain Smart for the past few days has had his name dominating the media spaces and making headlines for various news tabloids in the nation.

While breaking silence about his suspension in an interview with. Darko on Metro TV, the fearless broadcaster said his CEO Dr. Kwaku Oteng said he has received a lot of complaints following what he mostly says on his ‘Fabewoso’ show and as a result would want him to step aside for a while.

However, news anchor and advertiser Kwodwo Dickson who appears to know more about his suspension has said Ghanaians should ignore Captain Smart’s allegations because there’s more to his suspension as compared to what he has made Ghanaians to believe.


According to Kwodwo Dickson popularly known as ‘Efie Wura’, if Captain Smart claims he got suspended for only speaking the bitter truth, he should release the content of his suspension letter so that each Ghanaian can have access to it.

” Let me set the records straight. Captain Smart has been talking and explaining himself. I dare him to be bold and share the content of his suspension letter if he is a man . There is more to his suspension.” He said with a pissed voice while casting evening news.

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