I Will Speak Out:One Of Rawlings Boy Killed The Judges And I Had To Resign-Former PNDC Minister Drops Bold Secrets-CHECK DETAILS.

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A real and genuine politician is one who heeds to his words and promises. There have been several instances where politicians make some statements and later renege on these statements. Today, a former Minister under the Rawlings administration has given a shocking detail of how some judges were gruesomely murdered by some of Rawling’s boys. According to him, he was of the strong view then that o government official had a hand in that murder.

It is with respect to that, that he made a declaration to some sect of Ghanaians that he would resign should it come out that any government official was involved in that murder.

“I resigned immediately after some judges were killed. In fact, just when they were killed, people started sharing the rumor that it was the Rawlings government that mastered that killing. So I said to myself, that let the public know that the government is not involved in this. There was a durbar in the Bono Region and I declared to the people present there that if the government was involved in that killing, I would resign. And Amarteyquaye was mentioned and he was a PNDC member, so I resigned that very day.”, he explained.



Source: Gentle Blogger

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