I Will Allow Mahama To Stand In 2024 But Watch Out For Me In 2028-Totobi Quakye Boldly Reveals-CHECK DETAILS.

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There have been several analyses that have been made about the NDC flagbearership position ahead of the 2024 elections. So far, Mahama has been projected as the only one who is more advertised. There was this analysis that assuming Mahama was not available, the National Democratic Congress will not have any candidate that will appeal to the Ghanaian populace.

It is for that reason that is why some people believe that whoever acts as running mate for John Dramani Mahama and subsequently becomes the Vice President provided the NDC wins the 2024 general elections, that person will have a high chance of succeeding John Dramani Mahama as the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress.

Today, a leading member of the National Democratic Congress, Honorable Totobi Quakyi, who was alleged to have started some grassroots engagement so as to increase his chances of being elected as the flagbearer of the NDC, has stated boldly that he will allow and fully support John Dramani Mahama so that he leads the NDC ahead of 2024.


He however revealed that he will be available in 2028 when Mahama will not be able to contest.

“In 2028, I will be available, but only for hire as a consultant to any Presidential candidate or hopeful deserving of my expertise. The service will be free of charge.”, he wrote.

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