i was given tea without biscuit, check it for yourself Rojo vrs Amenuvor who is lying?

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The just ended election petition at the apex court has made a lot of revelation as who is lying and who is telling Ghanaians the truth, there was a revelation as well as the flash back to the fact that, during the counting at the strong room as it has been calling since then, the NDC representatives Honorable Rojo Mettle Nunoo and Dr. Pessa Whyte whom were representing the petitioner former president John Dramani Mahama went hunger.

Though they were offered tea and biscuits but it was not enough for them, because according to Mr. Nunoo, he was only given a tea without biscuits, that is what secondary school students will called “tea sakora”, infact it wasn’t clear to Ghanaians whether Rojo was given the tea alone or he dyne with his counterpart Dr. Pessa Whyte.

Moreover, some curious Ghanaians asked a reasonable question that, the budget given to EC to conduct free fair and transparent elections for Ghana, were there any item 13 included? then how did EC arrived in making budget for tea and biscuits? other side of the question have it that, how can EC serve only tea without biscuits, was that a ploy to increase the appetite of Mr. Nunoo who was very hungry at the time.

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The apex court of the land decided that NDC case was based on assumptions and they were unable to prove beyond any reasonable doubt, and for that matter the case was dismissed, and since then John Mahama former president have not accepted his defeat.


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