‘I Swear You People Tomorrow, If You No Jail Me Then Eno Be The Presidency You Dey’- BullGod Sends A strong message To Presidency. Details Drop

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Artist manager cum entertainment pundit has descended heavily on some NPP stalwarts at the Jubilee for threatening to jail him for expressing his opinion the president’s Boeing Saga.

” Now, I was asked that what do I think about the president’s Boeing, then I replied that it is good they Boeing the president. Then unfortunately after, I have expressed my views follow up calls, threatening messages that I will be jailed. Nana, let me tell you something, you see you people where you dey Jubilee house or where ever I beg come jail me. I swear, I dey lie err, come jail! because of you people we for no talk come jail me! I dey wait for you!”, he fumed

He made these comments on UTV’s United Showbiz Show on Saturday.


BullGod noted that, the Akufo Addo government claimed it wants to make things better for Ghanaians however, Akufo Addo’s administration has rather made sure Ghanaians will be poor.

He explained that from the time Akufo Addo government assumed office a number of jobs have been lost.

The Akufo Addo government is closing businesses thereby making Ghanaians lives miserable, he expressed.

“Everybody’s life is some way, even the NPP people are complaining. You have money to buy light you can’t buy light, then you want to jail me, I swear you people tomorrow if I no jail then ebo the presidency where you dey”, he fired.

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He further said that because he has an issue in court with them so they may manipulate in order to jail him, adding that they should come him to jail it is time and they have delayed.

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He concluded that the president and his people are the chief contributors to poverty in the country since they are at the helm of affairs, claiming that they have destroyed everything in the country and yet the president will still want to talk about poverty alleviation, he shouldn’t have gone to the Global Citizen at all the timing was wrong.

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