I Strongly Feel There Are People Pressuring My Deputy To Contest Me-Kate Gyamfua Boldly Reveals-CHECK DETAILS.

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The National Women’s Organizer of the New Patriotic Party, Kate Gyamfua has alleged that the decision of her deputy to contest her in the upcoming national executive elections was masterminded by some faceless individuals in the party.

According to her, she doubts her deputy Hajia Sawudatu Saeed who she knows would have taken such a decision without her consent.

In an interview with Kwamina Sam Biney on the Anopa Bofoↄ morning show, Thursday, July 7, 2022, the aspirant indicated that despite rumors in the initial stages that her deputy wanted to contest her she never believed until the reality set in.


“When I first saw the flyers, I never believed it because I didn’t know she was capable of doing it. I tried to reach her to get confirmation but I couldn’t get in touch.

“So after some few days, my assistant called me and confirmed that what we were hearing was genuine,” she said.

Asked whether she felt disappointment in the decision her deputy took, Madam Kate Gyamfua stated she never taught the latter would seek her position considering the relationship between them.

“I went to campaign and I made a promise to the 5 Northern Women’s Organizers and they requested a motorbike to enable them attend to their various works.

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“So after I had won, I bought the motorbikes with my own money and gave it to my deputy to present to them. I never knew she had any intention to seek my position,” she added.

In her view, she does not see the contest from her deputy as any threat because she is well resourceful to support the party in all means therefore optimistic the delegates will maintain her.

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