‘I Know I Will Die, Yet They Asked Me To Persevere’ -Last Words Of A Female Student Who Died In Dormitory Finally Out

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A shocking revelation came to bare after the death of a female student. Per what is seen, the said student sought for help, thus, to seek for proper healthcare, but got bounced.

She could not bear the pain and finally gave up her ghost. But the surprising thing is that before her death, she left behind a mind-blowing note.

No one wishes to die or their loved ones to, but it is an irreversible event and a stage in life that every human being has to pass through.

A little girl who died in her room for some reason, has been reported as tragically deceased. According to kenyan.co.ke, this young lady penned her own eulogy detailing the hardships she had to endure at the hands of her school’s administrators and nurses.

This was the second time she’d seen the school nurse in as many weeks, as her headaches were getting worse.

As reported by the student, the nurse instructed her to cover herself with blankets and then request that other students use wet towels to do the same for her head.

She lamented that no one seemed to care about her health and that she was beginning to lose hope.

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