I Keep Seeing Flames: Prophet Nigel Gaisie Drops Another Prophecy Ahead Of 2024 Election’s;Details Dropped-CHECK.

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The popularly known Man of God has recently raised massive concerns amongst Ghanaians, especially supporters of the largest opposition party (NDC) after his recent prophecy ahead of the upcoming 2024 elections finally popped up online.

According to Prophet Nigel Gaisie, the NDC’s John Mahama will be the only President to save Ghanaians from the leadership of the incumbent President, Nana Akufo Addo, and the NPP.

Surprisingly, Prophet Nigel Gaisie later revealed that irrespective of the votes the NDC’s John Mahama will attain in the upcoming elections, the candidate who will emerge victorious will undoubtedly depend solely on the EC Chair, Jean Mensah and hence the unexpected could happen.


In addition to this, Prophet Nigel Gaisie also highlighted the huge sums of money the EC allocated in the registration of new voter’s ID amongst others aside from highlighting that the EC Chair was up to something which most Ghanaians aren’t aware of the most anticipated election, so, therefore, the NDC shouldn’t repeat past mistakes since God is solidly behind the opposition party to come back to power.

Source: Operanews
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