I Have Killed Many People, But Never Went To Jail For That; Ghanaian Man Boldly Confesses -WATCH VIDEO

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Shockingly, Ghanaian  who goes by the name Great Professor Hindu has opened up about his peak era as a great spiritualist in the Country.

He made hard to believe revelations which got many tongues wagging unceasingly, because it so weird to them.

The 83-year-old old man spoke about his past heroics when Akan TV traveled to meet him at his home in Assin Nyankomase in the Central Region of Ghana.

According to Professor Hindu, he was born Kwadwo Addae but at the age of 7, people changed his name to Professor Hindu when he started performing magic.

The man pulled out photos of some of his performances in Europe when the legendary Fella Kuti took him there on a tour.

He talked about how he kɨlled a man in Europe and brought him back to life after 3 days.

His first failed attempt happened in 1967 in Takoradi where the man he kɨlled didn’t return to life again, leading to his court prosecution.

The court case didn’t stop him from kɨlling another man on April 3, 1968 only to resurrect him after 11 days and this helped him to win case in court because his lawyers argued that that’s his work.

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Professor Hindu have new paper records and videos of some of his heroics to his prove to the new generation that he was really great at his peak.

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