How To Fix The Code Is Missing or Incomplete On Adsense Account Registration -Simple Trick

How To Fix The Code Is Missing or Incomplete On Adsense Account Registration
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The tense feelings you get after designing a beautiful website and decided to apply for Adsense Account to monetize it and all you get after placing Adsense code in between HTML head and the feedback you receive is, code is missing or incomplete.

It is not an easy feeling, but what calms you down is, perhaps something is wrong somewhere during the designing or the development of the website. I know the next thing lingering on your mind is to find out what the exact problem is and fix it.

After going through your website again you do not see anything relating to that and the feelings get more intense.

You Do Not Know How To Fix Code is missing or incomplete Code?. Worry not MyLifeGuide brings to you the simple trick to fix that within five seconds.

One school of thought has it that when you experience that while applying for adsense account, it therefore means that, the theme being used for designing the website has a particular line of codes which are preventing adsense crawlers or bots to gain access into your website, hence cannot find the code place in the HTML head, thereby give you the feedback as code is missing or incomplete.

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Well, it is normal to have some themes which will give you that problem but does not mean you cannot go pass that.

Note: The simple trick is that, go to the dashboard of your website and look for add new plugin. Search for a plugin called INSERT HEADERS AND FOOTERS and install and activate it. Go back to your AdSense account and get the code again.

Paste it in the head as instructed and confirm it and you will see a positive result as the code for was found.

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