How To Become A Good Teacher That Every Student Will Like You -[CHECK OUT]

Teachers, it would interest you to know that most of the things you with and to your students or pupils will never make you a good teacher after knowing MyLifeGuide’s tips on how to become one.

One thing to know for certain is that, the teaching profession is not just a mere job opportunity. It is God’s call. So you must do it diligently.

Becoming a good teacher is the dream of everyone in that field, but people gets carried away by many factors such as remunerations or condition of services. Yes!, things like this makes you forget wanting to be a good teacher.

To Become a good teacher here are some key factors to consider and seriously work at them.

First -Diffuse internal and external problems and see the Teaching job as a call from God. Try not to let problems from home and school authority get into your way. If you allow these factors to consume you it will be difficult to deliver in the teaching profession. Do not forget that the passion that is in you to impact lives is not by your own doing but God’s.

Second- Keep Your Temperament On Check – You cannot become a good teacher while getting angry at your student in a least provocation. To get students to knowing something new is to first create a conducive atmosphere, thus preparing their minds to understand your lessons. A good teacher do not get angry.

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Third- Do Not Blame Your Students For Not Knowing Already -If they knew they would not be students again. So it is your duty to teach them what they know and what they do not know. Good teaching starts with the idea that ignorance is not a defect of the individual you are instructing.

Fourth – A Good Teacher Can Admit They Do Not Know Everything – No one is an embodiment of knowledge or ideas, hence should be ready to admit to things she or she does not know.

Lastly, A Good Teacher Also Behaves Like a Good Student – You want to know more of what you do not know. Even if your students appear to knowing that much, try to give them that listening ears. It helps you instead to build strong walls around yourself. It is a fact that we do not easily forget things we are thought or corrected by those we are ahead of them.

A become a good teacher by heeding to the above points.


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