Homosexuality In Ghana, Prof Gyampo Has This To Say

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lecturer at the University of Ghana’s Political Science department and a socialist  Ransford Gyampo has demons  homosexuality in Ghana as he describes it as  animalistic.

For the past week, there has been a raging debate on whether Ghana should legalize same sex marriage especially after activists secured an office space to address challenges faced by homosexuals.

This has been condemned by many who believes that its against Ghana’s culture and traditions.

However, some have also argued that it is high time the country accepts homosexuals for who they are because they have rights like every Ghanaian does.

But reacting to this, Prof. Gyampo who lectures at the University of Ghana indicated that the act is animalistic and will not be encouraged in Ghana.

To him, even God will not fight for homosexuality to be encouraged in Ghana and that the people of Ghana will fight with all their might to ensure that the disgusting act is not encouraged.

“Hahahaha…..Ah but who will support excuse me to say “trumu trumu?” Any attempt to make it fester would be crushed by ordinary people. We won’t even allow God to fight this. It is simply animalistic and no one will support it.”

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