Guys, Fear A Woman With These Habits; Man Shares His Life Experience -[CHECK OUT]


Per our research on social media, MyLifeGuide brings to you an unidentified man’s life experience with a lady and advised that no man should make such a mistake in his lifetime.

We advice that you the reader heed this advice and do not fall victim any day as it is life experience and not fiction.

According to a twitter user @Deji_OoniAbj asserted that a woman who smokes cigarettes or weed and also drinks beer can in no way be a good wife.


Moments after saying that, he went ahead to tackle men too by saying any man who cheated or beat a woman while dating or during courtship can’t be a good husband.

So it’s better for ladies who find themselves in that relationship to end it.

Below are the tweets.

woman smoking

His post brought about mixed reactions on the internet having many wagging their tongues around the post.

While some people agree with his opinion, others also think smoking and drinking doesn’t in any decide how good or bad a person would be in marriage.

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