Grind Alligator Pepper And Bitter Kolanuts, Soak Them In Lime Water To Cure These Health Problems-[CHECK OUT]

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Today in this article, we will be discussing a local herbal medicine which is made by grinding alligator pepper and bitter kola nuts, then you soak them in lime water, do well to read through this article because it will be very beneficial to you or someone near you.

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I hope you know bitter kola nuts. For ages, our great grandparents have used bitter kola nuts in curing many health disorders ranging from hepatitis to the Common cold.


Alligator Pepper also called Grains of Paradise, alligator pepper, and “Melegueta “pepper, guinea pepper is known as Efom “Wisain “or “Efom Wisa” in Twi, Wire “Tsuruin” in Ga, and “Essa” in Nzema.


Here are the steps you can use in preparing this herbal medicine.

Step 1. Wash the alligator pepper and kola nuts. Grind them and place them in a container.

Step 2. Take or extract your limewater from your lime.

Step 3. Soak the ground alligator pepper and bitter kola nuts in the lime water for a day.

Note that this particular herbal medicine must be taken in the morning on an empty stomach before breakfast and at night before sleeping. It should also be taking for a minimum week of 1 for effectiveness.

Some diseases can be cured using this herbal medicine.

1. It helps treat diabetes.

2. It helps cure stomachaches.

3. It helps treat diarrhoea.

4.It is also very good for high blood pressure.

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