GPRTU Sends Strong Warning To Government Over Road Tolls Revival And Set To Do This; Shocking Details Dropped-CHECK.

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Road tolls are monies collected from all toad users for road related projects which may turn up to be a necessity in the coming days. These includes the patching of potholes, construction and expansion of roads and many more.

On 17th November, it was made public and official by the Ministry of Roads and Highways on the decision of government to discontinue the collection of road tolls across the country. Many Ghanaians did not believe this until they met empty toll booths and passed by them freely. It really made road users happy and the street hawkers who used to sell around the area were worried for there wont be no more traffic for them to make good sales.

There has been rumors that government is trying to bring back the road tolls to help revive the economy and the Ghana Private Road and Transport Union has forewarned government on any decision to bring back the road tolls for they will resist any attempt government makes. Following their bold cautions to the government is their decision to increase the transport fares due to the economic situation we find ourselves in the country considering the prices of petroleum and also the expensive prices of spare parts nowadays coupled with nuisance taxes.

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In my own opinion, the union should even sympathize with government and help in bringing back the road tolls for it was of great benefit or what do you think? Let your opinion be heard in the comments section below. Do not be left out!

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