Google Adds New Important Feature To GMAIL Accounts

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Google Company has announced the inclusion of a new feature to its Gmail Account which requires registrants to either switch it on or leave it as it is.

Depending individual interest determines the option to choose as the feature comes with flexibility button.

Fews days ago MyLifeGuideOnline’s Gmail Account received a mail from google asking to our portal check on privacy suggestion.

Having taken time to check it out we realized it was a new feature being introduced.

According to google’s message which is accompanied by the caption: See & control your Web & App Activity further detailed as below;

If Web & App Activity is turned on, your searches and activity from other Google services are saved in your Google Account, so you may get more personalized experiences, like faster searches and more helpful app and content recommendations.

You can turn Web & App Activity off or delete past activity at any time.

Note: If you got your Google Account through work or school, you might need to contact your administrator to turn on the Web & App Activity additional service for your organization.

Steps to carry out the task are as follow:

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Turn Web & App Activity on or off
On your computer, visit the Activity controls page. You may be asked to sign in to your Google Account.
Turn Web & App Activity on or off.
When Web & App Activity is on:
You can check the box next to “Include Chrome history and activity from websites and apps that use Google services.”
You can check the box next to “Include audio recordings.”
Note: Some browsers and devices may have more settings that affect how this activity is saved.

See or delete your activity
You can see and delete your Web & App Activity by visiting My Activity. Learn more about how to delete activity manually or set up automatic deletion.

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