Good News From WAEC To All Ghanaians; Check Out Before It Is Too Late

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The West African Examination Council(WAEC) has open applications for teachers and education workers to applied for the position of Supervisors and Examiners.

As part of the examination process, Supervisor are recruited to supervise the centers in which the exams are conducted, supervisors are responsible for the centers, they check invigilators and also make sure logistics are provided to the center before Examinations are conducted.

Supervisors write daily reports on the conduct of the examination for each subject written at the center of the examination.

The supervisor’s are to make sure the exam papers are not tempered with before the parcels which contains the papers are open.

They work with the security service to secure the examination papers.

The Examiners are responsible for marking the examanination scripts and record the marks of the candidate on the mark sheet provided by WAEC.

Examiners are categorized into three(4) Subject Examiner, Chief Examiner, Team Leader and Assistant Examiners.

Marking process begins at the Assistant Examiners level and ends at the Chief Examiners level. Assistant Examiners Mark with red pen and submit it to their leaders for vetting, Team leaders marked scripts are also vetted by the Chief Examiners.

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Script Checkers are also employed to go through the marks awarded by the Assistant Examiners and cross checked to make sure the marks tallied with the question total marks before the marks are entered in the system for results to be generated.

Examiners are paid immediately they submit the last script marked and vetted. Incovenient allowance and residential and non- residential allowances are paid to Examiners with transportation based on the distance.

Teachers are advised to take the role of Examiners to give them experience on their subject areas. Examiners get access to chief Examiners report and marking schemes on the subject they have been contracted to mark. This broadens the teacher’s knowledge as to what WAEC expect from candidates on topics in their syllabus.

Aside the exposure to teachers to acquire in depth knowledge of the subject, they are also rewarded with money which serve as additional source of income.



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