Ghana’s Veterinary Council Reveals What Secretly Kills Its Citizens and The Same Thing Goes On In Many Countries -[MUST READ]

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A shocking revelation has been made about what has been killing most Ghanaians slowly all over this years unknowingly to them.

Report MyLifeGuide convened has it that the Registrar of the Veterinary Council of Ghana, Kingsley Mickey Aryee has said most citizens who like eating game(bushmeat) are being poisoned through that, of which they do not know.

In more detail, local media report says He explained that most hunters poison the animal “before they use sticks to hit them to give the carcasses some semblance of being hunted.”

In view of that, the council has decided to implement strict laws(compulsory inspection) on games in order to prevent or stop citizens being poisoned, which can eventually lead them to premature death.

“It is a very important thing and we insisted on putting in [the law] bush meat because we have done some research, which found out that most game — about 65 to 75 per cent – have been poisoned”, he stressed.

“Abattoirs are automated or semi-automated, and those are actually the standard. Abattoirs have proper inlets and outlets, and when you are designing an abattoir, you have to be very particular about the inlet and the outlet,” he said.

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“I tell you: if you are going to buy meat, look out for meat that has been stamped,” he warned.

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