Ghana Education Service Finally Settles On the Use Of Mobile Phones By Students In Schools

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Per what MyLifeGuideOnline.Com has been convened from the Ghanaian local media bare that much debates and consultation has been made on whether or not students should be allowed to use mobile phones in schools.

In line with this, the new education curriculum which stresses much on ICT, brings forth a new policy that students should be allowed to bring to school, phones or preferably tablets without a chip.

These gadgets would be registered on the school Wi-Fi by ICT teachers so they can have access to various learning programs on the Wi-Fi.

Registration will help facilitate monitoring of students’ activities on the platform.

Modalities and Rules governing this policy is still being developed and will be rolled out soon.


Proponents argue that, we are in a digital world and technology is part of our everyday day life, E-Learning and digital library


How can a student access electronic textbooks without the use of gadgets like phones, tablets and computers. The only gadgets students can send to school is a mobile phone or tablet.

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Critics on the use of mobile phones in school by Senior High School Students

Students accessing digital learning resources over the internet can be done in the school computer laboratory or the school library. The computers available at the school library can be used by students to access digital textbook and make research


How many computers are available in the school library to cater for the entire student population. In some schools, no computers available and schools with computers are not adequate to serve the student population.

A school with over two thousand(2000) students have less than fifty(50) computers


The use of mobile phones in school by students will affect their academic performance, while a teacher is busily teaching, students may be browsing or chatting on Facebook and WhatsApp.


Students browsing or chatting on Facebook and WhatsApp, not paying attention in class cannot justify why students should not be allowed to bring phones to school.


The government has provided a high-speed fiber optic Wi-Fi internet connection in all the Senior high schools across the country, this is to help teachers and students to get access to digital learning resources


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