Finally Otumfuo Reveals The True Identify Of Okomfo Anokye

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His name was Okomfo Anokye  and he was a twin and many believe that he was an Ewe. According to history, his real name was Tsala and his twin brother was Tsali Togbi the Ewe legend who played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Anlos from the Nortsie. Infact Okomfo Anokye is the corrupted version of ‘Okomfo from Nortsie’.


But the Asante history has it that the very Komfo Anokye people sometimes refer to as an Ewe is an Asante and more precisely he had all his roots in the Asante kingdom. According to the Asante history, Komfo Anokye was born in Akwapem in the Akwamu kingdom and he was also a co-founder of the Asante kingdom who was considered the wisest and greatest lawgiver of the Asante people in the West Africa. He was known for his reported abilities for healing and regulating nature and for establishing codes for conduct.

There are some uncertainty about his lineage. One tradition holds it that he was born in Akwapim which is known for it fetish activities. Some historians have claimed that his mother and father were from Asante and Adansi respectively and was related to Otumfio Osei Tutu, the military leader with whom he would later build the kingdom with.

But all arguments went to sleep when Otumfuo Osei Tutu was asked to clear the air regarding the lineage of Okomfo Anokye and h answered and said YES he was an Asante and not as people say. He continued to say that Okomfo Anokye together with his forefathers built the Asante kingdom

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