Female Drunk Student Causes Massive Stir As She Could Put Herself Together; Opens Legs Wide – [WATCH VIDEO]

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It will interest you to know all did not go well with  a female student seen in the footage going viral on social media.

The video attracts much attention and also generates mixed feelings as it appeared unusual to social media users.

In more detail, a drunk female student caused massive drama after excessive intake of alc0hol while in the company of her friends.


Clearly, one could seen her in the video She is unable to put herself together as she opens her legs wide to sit down on the ground.

It’s not something you will expect to see after all, a school is a place for books and not boozing.

But it seems a student from a Secondary School in South Africa couldn’t resist taking the edge off during school hours.

She thought alc0hol is soup or porridge but things went haywire after she overindulged in it.

The drunken stagger of a clearly inebriated student has been caught on video and set tongues wagging on social media.

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In the video going round on social media shows the young lady rolling on the ground like a toddler as a friend try to help her .

Watch the video ;


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