Eugene Arhin Sidechick Threatens Wife With Lawsuit.

Eugene Arhin Sidechick Threatens to Sue Wife
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Chantel Kudjawu a.k.a Gertrude Gbajo, the lady suspected to have adulterous affairs with the President’s Director of Communications, Eugene Arhin, has vowed to take legal action against Eugene Arhin’s spouse, Gloria Asssan Arhin, about what she mentions in Mrs Arhin’s petition filed as slanderous remarks.

The representatives for Chantel Kudjawu claim in a document copied to GhanaWeb that their representative has refuted ever involving in the acts claimed by Mrs Arhin.

“Paragraph 14(a) of the divorce proceeding submitted by Gloria Arhin at the Matrimonial Court is quoted saying: “Particulars of adultery: a. The respondent has other women in his life with whom he has extramarital affairs, including one with whom the respondent continues to have extramarital affairs, Chantel Kudjawu (Gertrude Gbajo).

After the media release just last week, this supposed slanderous remark, Chantel’s lawyers claim, has drawn alot of messages, most of which are derogatory and judgmental towards their client even because she has not involved herself with Mr. Arhin emotionally.

They further called on Mrs.Gloria to remove the name of their client in the matrimonial case in court or face been sued for defamation.

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