East Gonja Municipal Security Council MUSEC Cries Uncontrollably Over Revenue Leakages – Read Details

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The Municipal Security Council MUSEC in the East Gonja of Ghana has expressed their state of unpleasantnesses and disappointment to the level of unfortunate leakages that have characterized the Revenue collection or mobilization in the Assembly.

However, the Council Members through their tour to some of the Revenue Collection points in the Municipality indicated that they will roll out and implement effective measures to curb the situations and to further stringent measures to address the disheartening leakages of the Revenue toe mobilization of Revenue.

Furthermore, the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) are empowered and mandated under the local government according to the constitution under Act 462, 1993 and 1992 to mobilize revenue and funds under their jurisdictions in support of the government of Ghana to initiate it daily agenda for the development and progress of the country.

Therefore, the Revenue mobilization in some of the Metropolitan, Municipalities, District sssembly has been a great challenge over the past years characterized by utmost leakages by the collection of the revenue.

This unpleasant and unfortunate situation has made it difficult and served as an obstacle for the target of the Assemblies to reach their Revenue Mobilization target over the past years.

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This has been attributed to the steps and measures created and executed by the East Gonja Municipal Security Council MUSEC to curb and boost its mobilization in the Assembly.

However, Richard Broni who is the Chairman of the MUSEC during the field day at Makango in a sand winning point in the Municipal outline some measures to deal with the situation.

“We need to strengthen our monitoring strategy to ensure the leakages are dealt with to relatively enhance the collection so that proceeds will no longer go into some pockets. “I am saddened by the way and manner sand winning is done here. The revenue that comes to the assembly from this place is not so impressive yet the land is being destroyed and this we will not allow,” he said.



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