E-Levy Should Be Run As A Project In Phases; 1.75% Too Harsh – Economist Calls On Gov’t

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Prof Lord Mensah who is the Lecturer and an Economist at the University of Ghana Business School has admonished the government of Ghana to run their proposed Electronic Transmission E Levy as a project in various phases in the country.

However, Prof Lord Mensah the Lecturer and an Economist at the University of Ghana Business School speaking in an interview on Joy FM’s Super Morning show indicated his view that the proposed 1.75 per cent E Levy on Ghanaian a is quite harsh on the part of the government to the citizens of the country.

If you ask me whether that’s the best way to go about it, I would say it’s a bit too harsh to jump to the 1.75% especially when we have a history of collecting revenue for the purpose and the monies are not used for that purpose, he indicated.


According to Prof Lord Mensah, the government should have proposed a smaller percentage on the people which should be aimed at executing its main projects and mandate such that the people and citizens of Ghana will at the end of the day, testify to that, really the government are utilising the money for it’s intended purpose in the country.

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He further added that, if the people at the end of the day see the good works of their tax, the government can then increase the percentage again and at that time, Ghanaians will not complain because they believe their money is going into certain important projects for their benefits.

“I listened to the Finance Minister and he indicated that we need to do burden-sharing. We accept that but we want to see evidence of what our monies are doing. The typical Ghanaian wants to see evidence of what their contribution to the nation is doing. So, therefore, the government should come up with projects like e-levy roads, and you task me 1% and I see the 1% is working; giving me roads, creating jobs for my us, etc. hospitals, then the government can move to 1.25% which I’ll be ready to pay because it has already whet my appetite with the project from the previous levies collected”, he added.

Th3 government of Ghana have further touted that the proposed Electronic Transactions Levy is going to broaden and widened the country tax net and further ripe in the informal sector.

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