Dr. Bawumia’s Recent ‘Facts and Data’ Facebook Post Sparks Endless Debate Amid FixTheCountry Chant -[SEE POST]

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Dr Bawumia’s lengthy Facebook post, was in an apparent response to a social media campaign by a group, calling on the government to fix the country, in the midst of hikes in prices of certain goods.

The Vice President’s Facebook post on Thursday acknowledged the concerns of price hikes in oil, cement and iron rods but it attributed the price hikes to global factors from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, which has ravaged the world’s economy.

Dr Bawumia also assured Ghanaians of the government’s ability to overcome the coronavirus-inspired challenges and listed nearly 70 problems he said the Akufo-Addo government inherited and has fixed in the past four years to buttress his point of government’s abilities.

Moments after his post, social media went agog with many sharing and tweeting about the Vice President’s facts and data post on his Facebook wall.

On Twitter, the hashtag #HeIsFixingIt emerged, with thousands of tweets amplifying Dr Bawumia’s posts in support of the record of President Akufo-Addo and the NPP government.

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Within hours, the hashtag peaked at number 1 as the most trending subject on Twitter in Ghana on Thursday afternoon.

Dr Bawumia’s Facebook post appeared to have energised the base of government sympathisers and also provided them with the needed ammunition to project and defend the record of the Akufo-Addo government in response to the #FixGhananow campaigners.


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