Diabetes Kills, Stop Excessive Intake Of These 4 Foods If You Want To Enjoy Your Life

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Diabetes Kills, Stop Excessive Intake Of These 4 Substances If You Want To Enjoy Your Life

If you have diabetes or you know anyone who has, what I’m about to share with you in this post could prevent you from having a premature heart attack, save your eyesight, kidneys, legs, and nerves—even save your life.

Diabetes has a devastating effect on virtually every system in the body.


High blood sugar (hyperglycemia) and high levels of insulin (the hormone that manages blood sugar levels) start to damage your body silently, many years before you’re diagnosed with diabetes. If you don’t treat it, your nerves, blood vessels, and organs take a hit. And the complications can worsen the longer it’s neglected.

The result: You risk having heart failure, a heart attack, or a stroke. You could lose your vision. You could damage your kidneys, nerves, or other vital organs.


But you can defend yourself. Healthy eating, exercise, medication, and regular checkups can help you manage your blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. Sticking with your treatment, even when you feel fine, can help you avoid serious harm.

If you don’t, these are some of the hidden dangers that may lie ahead.


Diabetes is presently most of the excessive killers of a person. Updated health information display that the charge at which it increases in our society is becoming alarming. Almost one 6th of the total range of adults inside the international has diabetes. The unlucky element is that most of them aren’t conscious that they’ve it. As days slip by, community health talks and enlightenment are performed in a bid to create awareness and spot how it could be gotten below manipulate. This is going a protracted manner to inform you how careful and preventive you need to be as long way as diabetes is involved. This article is a kick within the teeth, study on and get enlightened.

What is diabetes all about?

According to clinical trendy definition, diabetes is whilst the blood sugar/glucose degrees come to be abnormally excessive, that is higher than 120 milligrams consistent with decilitre. Diabetes happens in methods; it both occurs whilst the pancreas fails to provide a hormone referred to as insulin to be able to regulate the blood sugar level, or when the body cells fail to respond to the produced insulin. In either way, the blood sugar gets abnormally high and results in diabetes.



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The onset of diabetes comes with plenty of visible signs and symptoms. But in a few cases, the person involved might not receive the signs and symptoms till the situation becomes critical. That is why it’s miles counselled for every person to check their blood sugar tiers frequently to ensure that they are on the more secure side. However, diabetes comes with the subsequently seen symptoms viz: immoderate urination, getting overly thirsty, dizziness, vomiting, uncommon pains inside the shoulder and so forth. Remember that symptoms vary from one individual to any other.


The causes of diabetes especially focus on the sort of meals human beings eat, way of life and frequency of frame exercise. In a few cases, it is also because of own family records of diabetes and circle of relatives genetic records. The analyses that have been carried out in recent years pinpointed meals as the primary purpose of diabetes inside the present-day international. The charge of consumption of junk foods is on the increase, the rate of consumption of sugary foods and artificials are also on the boom. Also, the charge at which human beings do body exercise is reducing and that allows in retaining strange tiers of sugar inside the frame leading to diabetes.

What are the four substances that end in diabetes while taking in excess?

1. Excessive use of artificial sugars to drink tea or make pap

Natural sugar like honey is fast processed inside the frame more than the artificial ones. Artificial sugar does now not add any dietary price to the frame while additionally, the frame fails to dictate it without problems. In that case, the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to be able to regulate the blood sugar tiers. Please, for the sake of your health, reduce the price at which you use artificial sugars to drink morning tea, mix pap, drink gari and so forth. If you ought to upload sugar to them, honey is a higher alternative and a first-rate source of natural sugar which the frame will no longer have any problem with.

Use honey rather than synthetic sugars

2. Excessive Intake of alcoholic beverages

The consumption of alcoholic liquids is on the growth in our society. Some guys are actually fond of taking five to 10 bottles of alcoholic beers before they get satisfied, whilst others take it on a daily foundation, from Monday to Sunday. All of that has aided the increase of diabetes among us. Alcoholic beverages do not most effective incorporate alcohol, maximum of them also incorporate an excessive amount of artificial sugar which was processed. In fact, they contain a better quantity of sugar than smooth beverages and electricity beverages. Please in case you value your health and well-being, it will likely be high-quality in case you stop taking alcoholic beers or decrease its consumption for that reason.

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3. Excessive intake of smooth beverages and power drinks that incorporate excessive levels of synthetic sugar

Soft liquids and energy liquids are widely known for containing excessive quantities of synthetic sugars which enables to raise the blood sugar content of the frame. A common bottle of gentle drink contains approximately three cubes of sugar. But regrettably, its consumption in Ghana is very high and it has led a whole lot of people to feared diabetes. Take observe! If you could forestall or limit how you take smooth liquids (that one is Popularly called “mineral”) you are certain that you have removed one of the reasons for diabetes to your existence.

4. Excessive Intake of carbohydrates


Excessive intake of carbohydrates turns into a hassle whilst there’s nobody to exercise. Carbohydrates comprise an amazing amount of natural sugar which help deliver the frame energy. Being natural, the frame processes the sugar very quickly, with no stress. But when the intake of carbohydrates come to be excessive in the body, there could be a “strength rush” in the body system, the advantage of weight which might increase to diabetes. All of which can be more likely to appear when the individual would not carry out a frequent workout to burn the sugar and the fats. When obesity units in, the risk of turning into diabetic becomes extra than viable.


In end, apart from preventing the excessive intake of the four Substances particular above, a workout and wholesome lifestyle is every other key to preventing diabetes Mellitus and insipidus. Make positive you partake in light workout activities at least as soon as in a week. That is going a protracted way to burning the immoderate sugar and fat content within the body and ensure that the frame is in a healthful circumstance and health is guaranteed. Therefore, attempt as much as feasible to put the content of this newsletter into practice. In the whole thing you do, always take into account that your health is for your hands.

Practice frequent body workout

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