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In today’s article we are however going to look at one specific thing about marriage and specifically related to wives or women. We are looking at some signs that a wife or any woman can exhibit that will give you a reason not to trust them.

1. Afraid of borrowing you money

Women love to be pampered because that makes them feel very special which is not same with men. Whenever you find your wife finding it very difficult to ask money from you then it is a sign that she cannot be trusted. Even when a woman has money of her own, she delights in the money she receives from her husband.

But borrowing money is only supposed to happen between couples that are married and incase you are still dating then it is important that you keep your lane unless it is very necessary that you have to borrow. Men also feel good when their wives borrow them money even when they have and gives them the sense of being the head of the family.

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2. Use money for cheap stuff

If your wife borrows you money for non-essential things, then that could mean that she is not one that can be trusted especially with cash. Everytime she borrows you money do you get to notice any changes. Men like to spend money on things that give them returns and so they have to see what the money is doing.

3. Hides from you her income

If she does not tell you how much she earns then that is a definite sign. Women are known to be open people and the moment your wife becomes very secretive to the extent of hiding her income them that could mean she is not a trustworthy kind of woman.

4. She rarely calls complains when you don’t

Does she call you or only waits for you to call. Does she complain when you don’t call yet she doesn’t do that. If she rarely calls you and complains of not having enough airtime then that could mean she is not trustworthy. It is not about having airtime but showing the commitment to check on the other person.

5. She never gets you anything


Have you ever received something that is very special from your wife? When is the last time she gave you a gift. That could be some nice suit, nice shoes or anything special. Incase you haven’t it doesn’t mean the wife is bad but she could just be not committed to you and that could mean she is not trustworthy.

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