Deadliest Diseases That Kill Millions Of People Slowly; Which If Identify Early Could Not Have Cost Them Their Lives -[CHECK OUT]

Deadliest Diseases That Kills Millions Of People Slowly, If Identified Earlier Could Not Have Cost Them Their Lives -[CHECK OUT]
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MyLifeGuide research team has scooped a list of deadliest diseases in the world that kills millions of people slowly.

Per our research many of the diseases if discover early could be treated or managed to prolong the sick person’s life span.

Unfortunately, many of those who die as a result of the diseases do not know he or she has it.

Clearly, Africans are most affected as many pay less attention to regular check up.

Today, MyLifeGuide advice to you is that regular health check-ups must be done on your health to know what you are sick of before it is too late. Below are the diseases our team has observed as the deadliest to mankind…

Top 9 Deadliest Diseases In The World And In Africa

• Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by group of diseases that affect insulin production and uses.

Obesity, high blood pressure, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise can lead to diabetes.

Healthy diet, regular exercise, reducing intake of sweet foods, adding more fiber to your food can help control diabetes.

• Stroke

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Stroke is caused by blockage in the the arteries that connect to the brain. Stroke mostly lead to disability if not treated early.

Its causes are high blood pressure, family history of stroke, being African-American and smoking.

Maintaining healthy lifestyle, regular exercise and eating healthy diet can help reduce the risk of bring affected by stroke.

• Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is caused by long term scarring or damage to the liver.

Conditions like kidney disease, hepatitis and chronic alcoholism.

You must stay away from condition that may lead to the damage of the liver.

• Cancer

All kinds of cancers are deadly. Lung cancer for instance, very deadly and it is caused by smoking, secondhand smoking and environmental toxins.

Quit smoking and avoid areas where smoke and toxins are prevalent.

• Heart disease

Heart disease caused by narrowing of the blood vessels that transport blood to the heart.

Smoking, family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes can lead to heart diseases.

Avoiding smoking, regular exercise, maintaining healthy and eating healthy diet can help prevent this disease.

• Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer is a progressive disease that disrupts the memory and mental functions.

Previous head trauma, family history of the disease, unhealthy lifestyle, being older, loneliness and inheritance can cause the disease.

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Preventive measures are not known, but eating healthy diet would be essential.

• Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a lung disease caused by airborne bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB is very deadly and millions of people die with it.

Risk factors include transmission from infected person, HIV infection and lower body weight.

Vaccination is the best preventive method.

• Diarrhea

Diarrhea is caused by excessive release of stools leading to loss of water and salt from the body. Bacteria or intestinal virus mostly cause Diarrhea. It is one of the top disease in children that kills them the most.

Poor sanitation, unclean water, malnutrition and weaker immune system could lead to diarrhea.

Maintaining good sanitation and proper hygiene can help prevent the disease.

• Ebola

Ebola is among the top deadliest diseases that causes its victim to vomit blood, release bloody stools, weakens the immune system and eventually causes death.

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