Crazy World: A Young lady Goes Mad After Her boyfriend Publicly Proposed Marriage To Her – Video

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The dream of most women is to get married to the love of their lives and unfortunately for one lady in the town of Benin, things didn’t go as planned after her boyfriend proposed marriage to her.

According to an eye witness who was part of those congratulating the lady, the incident happened at a film house in Benin and as the guy went on his knees to propose to the girl, she was overly excited and the next thing they saw was her screaming and jumping around.

He further explained that the security guards were forced to chase the lady and the guy out because of the show she was putting on.

” The guy knelt down and proposed and everybody was clapping and happy for them and the next thing we saw was that Aunty run mad and started screaming and running around. The security at the film house had to chase them away”. The eye witness narrated.


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