Checklist of The Top 10 Things People Like About The United States of America (USA) -See List

Checklist of The Top 10 Things People Like About The United States of America (USA) -See List
Checklist of The Top 10 Things People Like About The United States of America (USA) -See List
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Checklist of The Top 10 Things People Like About The United States of America (USA) -See List.

Possibly the most well-known nation on the planet, it is the land of the free and the home of the brave. The following list of 50 things we cherish about the US is presented in no particular order and includes one attribute for each star on the American flag:

 The US Flag

No one loves their nation more than Americans do, and no one does so more voluntarily either. The Stars & Stripes will be seen everywhere, including on people’s yards, automobile bumper stickers, hats, cupcakes, and, yes, even the moon. Fun fact: Although they have long since lost all of their color, five of the six flags that were erected on the moon are still standing.

Super Bowl Sunday.

The annual American football championship game is more than just a big sporting event. When the game approaches halftime, it transforms into one of the world’s largest and most-watched concerts, with previous acts including Beyonce, Prince, Madonna, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, and Lady Gaga.

RBG, Kamala, and AOC

There are three fierce female role models. While Ruth Bader Ginsburg (also known as RBG) was a senior Supreme Court justice and a pioneer of the feminist movement, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (also known as AOC) is a rookie congresswoman from New York who is making waves (and national headlines) in Washington. When she assumed office in January 2021, Kamala Harris, the current vice president of the United States, became the first female vice president in history of the nation.

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The Churros

Okay, so it’s not actually an American innovation, but it’s still a staple of dessert menus all around the US. And to whoever created and/or made these warm, soft dough sticks that are deep-fried before being lightly dusted with sugar, cinnamon, and/or chocolate sauce.

The parks in nature

Even though you might have to go quite a distance, this country’s size allows you to find every type of landscape imaginable, including the iconic Grand Canyon, the Rockies’ snow-capped mountains, and thousands of kilometers of breathtaking coastline. 58 national parks have been established to protect these natural beauties and guarantee their pristine condition for future generations.


Where would we be without it, for real? One of the most popular coffee shops in the world, the original Starbucks first welcomed customers in 1971 in Seattle. We all learnt it, of course, but it even created its own language for cup sizes. Anyone up for a two-pump decaf venti latte?


One of the best sites in the world to see a stage performance is still New York’s famous Broadway, which is surrounded with theaters.

Hollywood, Los Angeles

Hollywood is to be credited for developing the talent, technology, and special effects that have made the film industry as prosperous as it is today. Visit Hollywood for spectacular stargazing, some retail therapy, or a few green juices.

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The variety of cultures

Since most Americans can trace their lineage to Europe, Africa, Latin America, or Asia, and most understand that they would not be the nation they are today without that legacy, Americans celebrate and welcome diversity because it is in their DNA.

The supersize

If you ask the American food business, there is no such thing as “too big,” whether it be six-foot subs or 64-ounce sodas. If you chance to be extremely, extremely hungry, this is excellent.


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