Check Out What Happens To Your Body When You Drink ‘Asaana’ And How To Prepare It 

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Ghana as an indigenous country is blessed with a lot of indigenous products. Among these products is a drink popularly known in the country as Asaana. Asana is made from fermented corn and some countries that have tried to produce this drink call it corn beer drink. Some people enjoy this beverage with some amount of milk which sends its taste to another level. Alewonyo is how some people in Ghana call this amazing drink. In English, you can call it Caramelized corn drink.

The main ingredients for this drink are fermented corn, sugar and water. This drink contains a lot of natural nutrients which are very essential for the body.

Here are some of the amazing health benefits of the Asaana drink:

•   Improves digestion

There are a lot of nutritional benefits associated with fermented foods. Fermented corn, which is the main ingredient for Asaana drink, contains many probiotics that reduce phytic acids and mycotoxins. This as a result increases the secretion of vitamins and improve digestion.

•   Prevents constipation and colon cancer

If you want any natural product full of fibre, look for corn. Corn is very rich in fibre and the presence of fibre in corn helps in softening stools and in effect prevent constipation. Also, it is potent in plant compounds and probiotics which destroy cancer cells that grow in the colon.

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•   Boost Immune System


Another health benefit of Asaana is improving your immune system. Fermented corn which is used to prepare Asaana is very rich in probiotics. These probiotics are good bacteria that operates in the guts to improve the immune system. Microbes grow effectively in the body when there is a lack of probiotics. This as a result causes inflammation and expose the body to a lot of diseases. Consuming Asaana will make your body strong and prevent illness.

•   Enhances mood

Serotonin is a neuron involved in mood. These neurons are found in the gut and since probiotics make the gut healthy, it improves these neurons to boost behaviour and mood.

•   Reduces Cholesterol

Bad cholesterol (LDL) happens to be one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases. Plant compounds in fermented corn used for Asaana increase good(HDL) cholesterol and therefore reduce bad cholesterol.

Other proven health benefits of Asaana are prevention of Anaemia, Alzheimer’s diseases and neural tube defects during child delivery.

•   How to prepare Asaana at home

1.   Wash, crush and soak fresh corn in water for about 3 days to ferment.

2.   Boil the fermented corn for about 50mins until the surface is clear without any foam

3.   Boil a little amount of sugar in water until the colour changes to dark brown.

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4.   Strain the boiled fermented corn to get the liquid and add to the boiled sugar and stir.

5.   Serve chilled with or without milk

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