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Relationship is something that should be managed like any other manageable resource or institution. It has to do with two persons coming together from different environment and tribe, of which the they are trained under different roof.

Clearly, there will be many differences in character, hence compatibility must be worked on with care and seriousness.

Building a strong relationship depends on the two of you and should one partner feel not committed, there you will crack deepened in the relationship.

So, to build a formidable relationship the two must have it at the back of their minds that this an institution we both have to manage and not only to be managed by one person. Both (man and woman) must keenly know these three things off head like never before and they are;

TRUST -Often times you hear people say trust is the foundation of every relationship. Yes!, it is true. A relationship without trust is like a lifeless body. Trust lets the couple know and feel their partners are always there for them no matter what.

Commitment– To succeed in what ever you doing in this world, then it requires full commitment. You have to let it work at all cost, so you have to be committed to make it happen.

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Vulnerability– Present yourself as you are and do not fake your true self so that you can both work at it. For instance, being vulnerable includes sharing your feelings, not your thoughts; thus let letting him or her know you that very well.

Conclusively, you must know that relationship is an institution or organization and must be MANAGED as such.


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