Check Out The Type Of Woman You Should Never Date In Your Life If You Want To Be Happy

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Marrying a woman who knows how to spend money is a bad idea. Marry someone who can help you save it.

I understand that nothing beats a girl who knows how to dress well, buy you nice presents, and so on, but consider the alternative.

Would you rather come home every day to find your wallet without $100… or to find an extra $100 in it?

Marry a woman who loves you for who you are, not who you will become.

My grandfather had a saying that I’ve always admired. “Men marry with the expectation that everything will remain the same. Women marry with the expectation that everything will change.”

She would never be satisfied with who you are now if she wants you to improve.

Ditto for bossy women. Bossy is a good attitude for work, it’s not something you bring home. You want to be her husband, not her janitor.

Don’t marry a woman who has no ambitions. You can marry someone whose aims you will assist her in achieving.

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An individual who has no aspirations hasn’t yet understood what she wants to achieve. You don’t want to wake up one day to find out she’s changed her mind and now wants to research penguins in Antarctica. Unless you just like that, in which case, congratulations!

Don’t marry a girl with whom you’ve never fought. Marry someone with whom you will have a good fight.

Everyone has a war now and then. A woman with no backbone never stands up to you, and that’s a bad thing.

However, not all wars are evil by definition. Not everybody says things that they later regret. Not everybody punches you in the stomach. Physical violence is not a common occurrence.

Marry someone who cares more about your relationship than they do about winning the fight.


Don’t marry a girl who is inexplicably attractive. Marry someone who is willing to put in the effort.

Looks change over time. However, anyone who is able to go the extra mile to present themselves well can do so in the future.

Marry a girl who appreciates you, not one who needs you.

Basically, don’t marry someone desperate. This includes girls so clingy they won’t give you space, or ones who give you “proposal deadlines.” If they’re in that much of a hurry, it’s not you they’re after but that stone.

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Marry the girl who takes responsibility, not the girl who can’t finish what she starts.

Don’t marry a girl you can live with. Marry the girl you can’t live without.


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