Check Out The Hidden Symptoms of HIV Virus, Which Many Still Don’t Know -[CHECK OUT]

Check Out The Hidden Symptoms of HIV Virus, Which Many Still Don't Know -[CHECK OUT]
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HIV has been with us over so long and by now we supposed to know its symptoms at our fingertips, of which many people still not abreast with.

Many people have been infected by this deadly virus unknowingly and whilst many of them refuse to go for test.

Today, MyLifeGuide brings to you some of the key signs which if seen will prompt you to go to the hospital for check-up.

Which have also worsen their situation because they refuse to know their status early so they can start the treatment as early as possible.

So, many of the people that experiences the symptom of HIV wait till the last minute before going for a test.

The fear of going for an HIV test or being infected has taken more lives, than having the virus itself.

If you had an Unprotected Sxx and you start experiencing any of this 13 symptoms, you have to see your doctor, here they are:

  1. If you practice unprotected sxx and after some days you start experiencing some unusual Fever. This may be an indication. You need to immediately go for an HIV test.
  2. When You start experiencing Sore Throat after an unprotected Sxx, this may be a sign of an early symptom.
  3. If you start observing body discomfort like joint pains or Arthritis this can also be a sign.
  4. When you have a dry relentless cough for a long time. if you use antibiotics and cough medications, still there is no result, this can also be a sign of HIV.
  5. When you have Swollen Lymph Nodes, which typically occur at the neck, underarms and the groin region. Also if you experience an irregular swelling in these areas, that’s a sign of early HIV.
  6. If you are experiencing serious headaches like Migrain some days after having an unprotected Sxx.
  7. When you just naturally start losing 10% of your weight in a month, that is a sign of HIV.
  8. When you have a Yeast infection, this may also be a sign of an HIV virus in your system, that’s why you need to go for a medical check-up.
  9. Fatigue can also be a sign of an HIV infection and it has been one of the most underrated symptoms. Especially when you have chronic fatigue.
  10. Skin Rashes are one of the most common symptoms of HIV symptom. It is called HIV RASH. This symptom is seen in up to 85% of HIV patients. The parts of the body you will experience it are the Genital and the Facial region.
  11. You will experience Night Sweats. As HIV develops in the body, Flu-like symptoms will appear in the body. An Example is the Night Sweats. The temperature of the body will change most especially at Night.
  12. You will have Cold Sore, which usually occurs at the Lips and the Genitals.
  13. The most dangerous symptom of HIV is NONE. This can be dangerous, especially when the person continues to have unprotected sxx, potentially spreading the disease.

Please Note: Having Any of These Symptoms Doesn’t Mean you Have An HIV, You Have To Go For A Test To Be Sure You Don’t Have It. Don’t Be Scared To Have An HIV Test.

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