Check Out Some Causes Of Infertility In Men And Women You Should Know

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Infertility in both men and women are caused by many factors. Some men or women are naturally sterile. That one, there’s little or nothing that can be done to correct the defect. But most people’s inability to bear children is a result of certain lifestyles or conditions. There are many causes of infertility in both men and women.

Drugs or substance abuse. Taking in addictive substances for medicinal purposes, for recreational purposes or for the fun of it, can cause infertility in both genders. Those of you who smoke marijuana and cigarettes are at a higher risk of suffering from low sperm counts(men). Women who always do drugs are not spared.

Abortion. Frequent abortions can have a grave effect on the health of a woman especially, damage to the womb and the reproductive organs in general. Some women swallow, chew or inject all sort of chemicals just to get rid of unwanted babies.

The next time the process goes wrong, that’s when you will see your foolishness! You may succeed on the first attempt so you will think it is so always. Some women become barren for life. Continue chewing and swallowing chemicals and see what will happen to you.

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Low sperm counts in men also cause infertility. A man must produce some numbers of viable sperm per ejaculation. If the number falls below the average, you are likely to suffer low sperm counts. The condition is characterized by low sperm motility.

Wearing many boxer shorts in hot weathers will help you acquire low sperm counts easily. Exposure to radiation is also associated with the condition. Putting your mobile phone in your trouser pockets can lead to low sperm counts. But it is not as rapid as those who work with nuclear energy.

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