Check Out 5 Foods You Should Never Combine Its Very Dangerous To Your Health

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Food has a lot to do with our body’s physical health. Eating the right food makes one healthy, and on the other hand, the wrong food will do the opposite.

We must be careful with the kinds of food we combine. A wrong combination can cause severe damage to the body system.

In this article, we will be looking at 5 food combinations you must never try if you want to stay healthy.

Alcohol and Sweets Foods

Food combinations involving alcohol are most dangerous, due to their nature. Combining alcohol with sweet foods like candies, ice cream, and cake icing can be very risky and should never be tried.


The alcohol will eventually melt the glucose in the food, which can lead to excess fat stored in the system.

Soft Drinks and mango

Soft drinks like Coke with high gas content, should not be combined with mango, it is dangerous to the health, as it can cause serious stomach upset.

Beans and eggs

Egg and Beans are two heavy protein food, and therefore, should not be eaten simultaneously. The body will find take time trying to digest both at once, leading to fatigue.

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Lemon and Milk

Milk takes longer to digest and when you have milk and lemon concurrently, the milk coagulates. This can cause and heat burn in the body.


Eggs and Milk

The combination of eggs and milk is very thick and can be toxic to the body. It may cause drowsiness and heaviness to the body.

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