Check Out 4 Questions A Woman Will Ask You If She Likes/Loves You

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One of the things we all want is answers to our curiosity. And until we get answers, we won’t rest.

This is not because we can’t take a break from this so-called curiosity, but because we want to know and widen our scope is something enough to make us want to ask questions.

Also based on the topic I have here which states 4 questions a woman will ask if she likes you, women would ask questions and want answers just to know things about you, and to make sure that they are not missing out on anything about you.

When she starts liking you, one thing you’ll see is questions coming in from every angle anytime conducive for her.

And you need to give answers to these questions to make them feel good after answers.

So in this article, I’ll be showing is 4 questions a woman will ask you when she likes you.

1. The First Question She Would Ask You Is About Your Finances.

A woman would ask this just to make sure that you’re fine. She wants to know if you’re going through some things in your business to see what she can help with. Because she knows that one of the things that can make a man get a sad day is when his finances are weak. That way she would want to know how well you’re doing.

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2. Another Question She Would Ask You Is, What Do You Like In A Girl.

Here is another question she would need you to give answers to because she would want you to feel that same way she is feeling for you. That way it would be mutual and so she would need you to give answers to this. As a sharp guy lost out her qualities, make her see that you like her already.

3. She Would Ask You Your Favourite Food.

This is why she would ask this question because she is nm most likely already thinking of cooking for you so she wants to hear your opinion to know your favorite food.

4. She Would Ask You Your Favorite Color.

She would want to know what colors look good in your eyes to appear most times in that color for you so likes her as well. This is one major question she would ask you if she likes you.


5. Another Question She Would Ask You Is, Your Birthday Date.

A girl would ask you this to keep the date to heart and not forget and probably to get you some nice gifts on your birthday.

Read again. Have a wonderful day.

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