Check Out 10 Easiest Natural Ways To Prevent Hypertension -(High Blood Pressure)

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In case you do not know how to deal with hypertension naturally; today we bring to you a piece on that, which will help so much.  Check below the easiest ways to put high blood pressure under control…
1. Banana.Banana contains abundant potassium which reduces the effect of sodium. So start consuming one to two bananas daily. You can also eat dry apricots, raisins, orange juice, spinach, baked potatoes and cantopol with bananas.

2. Oregano.

The high level of the phytochemical 3-n-byutphthalide present in celery helps in controlling very high blood pressure. The fathlide artery relaxes the walls and surrounding muscles, causing blood flow to the arteries without creating more space in the arteries. Along with this, it can help to control the stress-producing hormones, which contract blood vessels. This hormone increases hypertension. Try to eat celery with a glass of water daily. If you want you can chew celery several times a day.

3. Coconut water.

should not let people with hypertension suffer from water shortage. It is good to drink eight to ten glasses of water daily. Coconut water is particularly beneficial for reducing blood pressure. With coconut water, you can also use coconut oil in cooking. People with

4. Black pepper.

mild hypertension will benefit from eating black pepper. Together with platelets, it prevents blood clotting from forming lubrication and helps in blood flow. You can put some black pepper in the fruit or vegetable salad or even a pinch of pepper in the soup.

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5. Onion juice.

Onions are also helpful in reducing your blood pressure. There is an antioxidant flavonol that is called quartertone. Try to eat a medium-sized raw onion regularly. You can take half a teaspoon of onion juice with honey twice a day for one to two weeks.

6. Honey.

honey reduces blood pressure on the heart. Honey affects the blood vessels and hence it is helpful in reducing hypertension. Try to eat two teaspoons of honey on an empty stomach every morning. You can mix with a spoon of honey and two spoons of ginger juice cumin seeds. Eat it twice a day Another effective remedy is to take basil juice and honey in equal amounts. It can take an empty stomach once daily.

7. Garlic.

Many studies have proven that garlic has the ability to reduce blood pressure. Both raw or cooked garlic is helpful in controlling hypertension. It also reduces cholesterol levels. Garlic helps stimulate blood vessels by stimulating the production of nitric oxide and hydrogen sulphide. Eat one or two crushed garlic daily. You can just crush it with your hands. Crushing garlic hydrogen sulphide is produced. It keeps blood flow normal, removes gas and reduces pressure on the heart. If you do not like raw garlic or feel irritation in it, then take it with a cup of milk.

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8. Fenugreek seeds.

Due to the high potassium and fibre in fenugreek seeds, it is effective for reducing hypertension. Boil the seeds of two teaspoons fenugreek for about two minutes in water and then cool it down. After that, take out its seeds and make a paste. Eat this paste twice a day, once in the morning on an empty stomach and once in the evening. Do this measure for two to three months for significant improvement in your blood pressure level.

9. Lemon.

lemon is helpful in keeping the arteries soft. When blood vessels do not have hardness, high blood pressure will naturally decrease. Apart from this, you can reduce the likelihood of heartfelt by regular consumption of lemon, which contains vitamin C. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps in neutralizing the harmful effects of free radicals.

10. The seed of watermelon.

watermelon is a compound called kucrobokitrin in the seed of watermelon, which helps to widen the blood cells. In addition, it also helps to improve kidney functioning. It reduces blood pressure levels and also helps in the treatment of arthritis. Grind dried watermelon seeds and seeds of opium in equal amounts. Take a spoon of this mixture on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening.

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