BREAKING:Politicians Save 3.4Billion Stolen In Account In Switzerland-Captain Smart Boldly Shows Their Region And Number; Shocking Details Dropped-CHECK.

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Captain smart keeps exposing the schemes of politicians in amassing the country’s wealth and how they meticulously transfer those monies embezzled into foreign accounts most especially in Switzerland. The gentleman lamented how ‘unwise’ it is on the part of politicians to spend monies stolen in a foreign land and not in their country of origin.

In Russia, most of their billionaires are based in their country and they spent their wealth internally whereas Ghanaian politicians due to their parochial interest waste these monies in a foreign country much to the detriment of the poor. It would have even benefited the ordinary citizen if the monies were saved locally at our banks.

The morning show host narrated how he traveled to Switzerland to create a bank account and the minimum deposit requirement was $500,000. Sadly, he discovered that top politicians in the country have millions of dollars in their accounts. To his surprise, these same officials in government have an estimated $3.4 billion while we are looking for $2bilion from IMF.

The regional breakdown is as follows:

In the Brong-Ahafo three politicians with an estimated worth $1.5 million.

Eastern Region: 29 politicians are believed to be saving huge sums of money.

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Greater Accra: 4 politicians are hoarding large cash in Switzerland.

Central Region: 5 politicians have been saving this foreign country.

North regions: 12 politicians are saving in this bank.

“The electorates have been taken for granted too long. Where is the special prosecutor come and investigate this? What legacy are we leaving behind for the next generation? Even the destiny of the unborn Ghanaian child has already been collateralized by these current generations. A sick country with sick leaders,” he concluded.

Source: Operanews

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