BREAKING: Salary Increment Percentage For Public Workers In 2023 Revealed; Details Dropped-CHECK.

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Salary Increment Percentage for Public Sector Workers in 2023 Revealed.

Ibrahim A. Mumuni, Director of Operations for Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana (ADAM-GH), has disclosed the percentage of compensation increases for public sector employees in 2023.

According to him, the salary percentage for public sector workers in 2023 wants to be compromised by the various labour unions and the Trade Union Congress (TUC).

According to ADAM-GH’s explanation of his findings to the media, Dr. Yaw Baah, who oversees salaries and working conditions at the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), and the TUC have plans to compromise once more during the tripartite committee meeting to discuss negotiations for a salary increase in 2023.

We all know what happened when Dr. Yaw Anthony Baah went on one tripartite committee sitting and negotiated for 2021 salary increment of 4% and 2022 salary increment of 7%. It is unfortunate that the very people workers in this country put their trust in to defend them when they go tripartite committee with regards to their salaries, but instead turn out to be so stooge to the government of the day”

Furthermore, he claimed that Dr. Yaw Anthony Baah was unaware of the financial predictions for 2022 before agreeing to the 7 percent and that he was also ignorant of the inflation rate, which is currently a significant burden on the workers and is making it difficult for them to even live.

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2023 Salary Increment Percentage for Public Sector Workers in Ghana

The Director of Operations for Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana (ADAM-GH), Ibrahim A. Mumuni, has revealed that the negotiations for the 2023 salary increment for public sector workers have commenced.

He has asserted that the various labour unions, together with the TUC and Ministry of Employment, together with other relevant stakeholders, during their first sitting, formed a technical sub-committee committee in which the members had no economic background.

They went to the first meeting, and they agreed that they should form a technical sub-committee that will come up with a proposal to determine the 2023 salary increment and minimum wage. Now they formed this committee, and the members of this committee have no economic background. They just picked them from all the unions and put them together. “

“In determining the 2023 percentage for salary increment, the committee used the Bank of Ghana (BoG) formula, which is an 8% inflation rate, not knowing the current inflation rate is 33%.”

Salary Increment and Minimum Wage in Ghana-2023.

Based on the calculations made using the Bank of Ghana’s inflation rate, the percentage for 2023 salary increment is pegged at 12.9% for 2023 and GHS 14 as a minimum wage.

However, when the committee met with the minister to determine the proposal document from the technical sub-committee, the minister realized that there were anomalies and errors in the said document and therefore declined to approve it.

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The sub-technical committee, of which GNAT’s Dr. Yaw Anthony Baah forms part, has been directed by the minister to use the current inflation rate of 33%.


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