Bizarre As Man contests Women Organiser Position In The Upcoming NDC Constituency Elections, Details Here

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Many Ghanaians are amazed and shocked having seen a flier in circulation on various social media platforms that a gentleman who has presented himself as a prospective aspirant for the position of women organizer.

James Boame a.k.a Elizabeth has declared his intent to contest for the position of women organizer in the upcoming NDC constituency election for the Saboba constituency of the Northern Region.

The position of the women organizer is a preserved for women in both NPP, NDC among others.

The decision taken by Mr Boame has attracted a lot of talks from Ghanaians, with some of them saying that wonders will never end ooo, NDC why?

One of them said, ‘NDC why will you allow a man to contest women’s position?

Some even attribute it to the fact that the NDC is incompetent which is why they couldn’t get a lady to contest such a position.

Most Ghanaians say they are waiting patiently to see how issues will unfold as to whether or not the decision taken by Mr. Boame can trigger an amendment in the NDC’s party Constitution which will maintain that men can equally contest for women organizer positions.

In no time the opposition national democratic congress(NDC) will be electing a new crop of leaders to Steer the affairs of the party in the constituency.

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