Bishop J. Y. Adu Reveals What Annoys God When Praying

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The general overseer of New Jerusalem Chapel, Bishop J.Y Adu has disclosed that the attitude of Christians clapping and shouting during church service annoys God and so they should desist from it.

According to him in an interview monitored by, he said prayers are meant to be a communication between creation and its creator and so shouting and praying at the same time irritates him, adding that those who troop to school parks at night to shout and pray should desist from it.

“I get shocked when I see people in school parks praying just to let people know that they are praying. Even when you go to church, don’t shout and clap when praying because prayers are not about clapping and shouting as some people do. It irritates God when Christians do that.

“Prayers is communication between only you and God not people around you. Prayers give one opportunity to tell his or her problem or communicate to God not man or your pastor so the person should follow the guidelines God gives when praying”.

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