Bawumia Has Been Dropped: Captain Smart Drops Deep Secret From The Presidency Office Orchestrated Against The Vice President -See Details

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Onua TV’s Maakye mourning show host, Captain Smart has revealed that the vice President of the Republic of Ghana, His excellency Dr Mahamadu Bawumia has been removed from the Economic Management Team long time ago.
Speaking this morning on the popular Onua TV/radio Maakye program, Captain Smart revealed that the vice president was removed from the economic management team for his stand on the Electronic Levy. It is well known that the vice President spoke against the introduction of the E-Levi.According to Captain Smart, the government has removed the vice President Dr Mahamadu Bawumia from the delegates who went to negotiate on the IMF deal. He said he is no longer relevant in the economic management team and that is why he has been quiet on the situation happening in the country.He questioned the whereabouts of the vice president and his wife. He also said Bawumia has been rendered useless in the jubilee house by the Akyem mafias.

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