Avoid Consuming These Unhealthy Parts Of A  Chicken; They Harm Your Health

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Chicken is undoubtedly the best and healthiest meat we can eat, but there are some portions of chicken we shouldn’t eat.

This is because these parts contain some germs which may be harmful to the human body.

These portions contain some arsenic compounds and bacteria which may be harmful to us.

1. The alimentary canal.

The alimentary canal is the digestive system from the beak to the anus. They are not healthy for human consumption. The beak, esophagus, intestines, stomach, and anus.

Feed and other things that the chicken feeds on are found here. Bacteria and other arsenic compounds that enter into the chicken are found in the alimentary canal. It is therefore not suitable for consumption.

It is very difficult to wash these internal organs properly. You may contact food-borne diseases by eating the alimentary canal of poultry.

Some people may argue that those things pass through the process of boiling. All dangerous things are not eliminated through boiling.


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