Another Good News For John Mahama And Tsatsu Tsikata As Supreme Court Rules

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The outcome of the Supreme Court hearing to decide on whether to reopen the petitioner’s case unexpectedly didn’t go as planned for the largest opposition party, NDC as the apex court dismissed the petitioner’s case.

According to Chief Justice, Kwasi Anim-Yeboah the petitioner hasn’t presented enough evidence to enable the cross-examination of the Chairperson of the electoral commission, Jean Mensah.

The Chief Justice highlighted that, the evidence presented by the petitioner couldn’t assist the court to do justice to the matters under consideration at the apex court.

”As we’ve already indicated in this ruling supra, the petitioner in this application has not given us an inking of the new or fresh evidence he wants to bring to the fire through the Chairperson of the first respondent and how that evidence could assist the court to do justice to the matters under consideration in this petition”, Justice Kwasi Anin-Yeboah emphatically stated.

However, the lead counsel of the petitioner raised an objection whilst the Chief Justice was reading out the ruling on the reopening of the petitioner’s case at the Supreme Court today, February, 16, 2021.

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The objection would serve as a good need to the petitioner as it raised concerns of two new applications filed before the Supreme Court after the motion filed for the reopening of the former case was dismissed by the seven Chief Justices.

According to lawyer Tsatsu Tsikata, the new motions highlighted the review of the ruling by the court on February, 11, 2021 that outlined that the electoral commission’s Chairperson, Jean Mensah couldn’t be compelled to mount the witness box and stay an of proceedings pending the hearing of the new review application at the apex court.

With respect to the new motions filed by the petitioner, the Chief Justice unexpectedly said the court will reconsider the two new applications filed by the petitioner after a suitable date has been given by the registrar.

Do you think the Supreme Court justices will reconsider the two new applications filed by the petitioner, John Mahama after dismissing the reopening of his case before the SC?


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