Allow Other Men Ch0p You For Free, If…. Counsellor To Married Women

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Ghanaian feminist Felicity Nelson has advised married women whose husbands cheat to also cheat on them, explaining that what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Ms Nelson, known for a her controversial views on feminism, stressed that unfaithful husbands must be made to bring up the children of other men for cheating on their wives.

She, however, noted that faithful husbands have nothing to be afraid of since they don’t have affairs with other women.

On many love shows and programmes in the media, women are usually heard complaining about the cheating ways of their husbands. Their husbands are usually accused of cheating with younger women referred to as side chicks.

In the estimation of Ms Nelson, wives must not just be victims of unfaithfulness but must retaliate by also having it away with other men.

“If your husband is cheating on you, cheat on him too and make him bring up children fathered by others.

What is good for the goose shall surely be good for the gander. You have nothing to fear as a man , if you don’t cheat on your wife,” she advised.

There has been high-profile cases of women making their husbands take care of children who are not their biological children.
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