All Detail On Abanga The Best Man For The Vice Chairman Position Of NDC-CHECK DETAILS.

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Abanga is a businessman,a philantropist,and a politician.He is very loyal and down to earth kind of person. His assistance to students, the poor and the needy in society ,orphans and widows are so great and mind buggling. His dedicated service to societal development and the welfare of humanity has been reason why many call him ”Akwaada Nyame” meaning youth king considering his youthful age and how effective he has been of helped to humanity and social development as well.

His good works can be verified accross regions in Ghana. His political life started in the UDS nyankpala campus where he was a deputy propaganda secretary of TEIN, Rose to become the subtantive propaganda secretary and later became the TEIN president.

He played several organazational roles for the interest of the party.
In 2020 he was part of the Western North Regional campain team of NDC. He has assisted the party both in cash and kind,currently he is a platinum donor to the party,he has also adopted several constituecies of which he has certificates to that effect, issued and signed by the chairman Ofusu Ampofo and HE John Dramani Mahama.

Abanga preparedness for power has been the reason why, he termed the election 2024 as “NO RELENTING, NO RETREATING AND NO SURENDER” and a must win elections,his battle readiness for election 2024 has been nightmare to the NPP already.

Considering his youthfullness and his preparedness, couple with irateness of for change by Ghanaians has already brought a crack down in the propaganda machinery and tension looming all over the elephant party domain.

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The aim and aspirations of Abanga Yakubu Alhassan is to affect lives positively. What he has done to affect lives positively are things that are real and verifiable but it would be a sign of immaturity to be mentioning in public how you have touched lives individually or collectively.


For party activities, that is a public knowledge. He has assisted the party both in cash and kind. Currently, he is a Platinum doner to the party and anyone can verify. He has also adopted several Constituencies which he has certificates of that issued to that signed by Chairman Ofosu Ampofo and HE John Dramani Mahama.


Abanga Yakubu Alhassan political life started as a Deputy propaganda secretary of TEIN in UDS. Rose to become the substantive propaganda secretary and later became the TEIN President for Uds-Nyankpala campus. Played several organizational roles to for the interest of the NDC. In 2020, he was part of the Western-North Regional Campaign team of the NDC.


What Mr Abanga Yakubu Alhassan brings on board is the youthful representative of leadership, of service, vibrancy and fearlessness. Be that strong voice representing the youth. The 2024 election is a Youthful driven for Power project backed by Actions. And the Youth must have a strong Voice to Champion their interest.


He has shown clear commitment to the goals and aspirations of the NDC and that has never been in disrepute. He continues to hold high the ideals of the NDC and together, Victory 2024 will be delivered.

To support the Chairman and other party executives to deliver victory 2024 and beyond

To mobilize the youth effectively and efficiently by partnering with the national youth and wing for youth centered campaigns.

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To ensure proper functioning of the party structures across all levels and adopt more Constituencies under the adopt a constituency model especially in the ophan Constituencies so as to increase the NDC MPs in parliament from 2025.

To provide quality leadership of effective representation, boldness, and service.

Will not be an Arm-Chair Vice Chairman but will be visible enough to ensure effective and efficient grassroot mobilization for power in 2024 and beyond.

I solemnly pledge that opportunities will be lobbied for especially for the Youth and Women across.

He is a party activist who has risen through the ranks as deputy Communication Officer of the Tertiary Education Institution Network(TEIN) to the main Communication Officer the subsequent year and later became the President all within UDS-Nyankpala campus all at the student level.
He also became the director of operations for Youth for JM 2016. In 2020, he became the national cordinator for Youth for JM 2020.

He adopted various Constituencies under the Adopt a Branch/Constituency model of the Party and also supports some regions with resources.

In addition, Abanga Yakubu Alhassan is a Platinum Card donor to the Party. He was a member of the Western-North Regional Campaign team of NDC during the 2020 elections.

A task like that of election 2024 and even beyond needs one with enthusiam,commitment and someone who holds the party goals and aspiration of the party in high regard.
Let vote for,

Abanga for victory!!!🔥🔥🔥
Abanga The youth voice!!!!🔥🔥🔥
Abanga the recuer!!!🔥🔥🔥

vivo Abanga Alhassan yakubu

“Aluta continua”🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

**Political Analyst,**LLB**Communication officer for the YOUTH VOICE, TEAM ABANGA FOR NATIONAL VICE CHAIRMAN NDC!!!🔥🔥


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